"The World's Most Advanced Parking Management System"

Openspot Technologies is a leading specialist in smart parking solutions. We offer the most advanced, flexible, and scalable IoT based parking solutions which can be readily deployed across different parking formats from on-street, open, covered, multi-level to mechanized parking systems. Our solutions help Cities and Municipalities, parking operators, airports, retail and medical facilities to optimize their parking revenues, compliances, and efficiently manage parking operations.

The Platform

A state of the art, "super" dashboard that parking managers can conveniently access from a variety of handheld and desktop devices to monitor parking activities including allotments, fee collection, usage tracking, revenue, pricing, safety and security

AI powered engine integrates data from a large number of data points from installed sensors, payment systems, cameras, and various IoT devices and processes and converts them to into real-time actions and reporting events for compliance monitoring and predictive analytics to support dynamic pricing based on availability of parking spaces

Custom and secured integration features (APIs) that parking operators can integrate and offer to their customers through applications or end-user systems such as mobile phone apps, in-car dashboards, parking display boards, or street signages to allow users to check their parking status and parking spots, identify closest available parking spaces and pricing, managing payments and tickets, or feedbacks

How It Works

We install IoT sensors, cameras, license plate readers (LPR) and other hardware at strategic locations in and around a parking facility that wirelessly connect to our proprietary architecture. The LPR scans the information of the car entering and leaving a facility and our system bills and automatically charges the user through the selected payment system. As the facility starts being occupied, our AI powered technology starts running analytics on various parking related metrics and help the parking manager with real-time data for decisions on operations and pricing

The Benefits

Predictive Analytics:

Our platform integrates the best of AI, predictive modeling, machine learning, and data mining techniques to analyze data and helps you with predictions for future demands, pricing trends, peak and down times for parking demands, overutilization, overdues to help you optimize and streamline your operations for increased efficiencies

Dynamic Pricing:

The platform can either automatically manage the pricing based on demand and occupancy to maximize your revenue and space utilization for you or offer you benchmarks for you to manually adjust pricing corresponding to the demand and availability

You Only Need One:

Openspot integrates data from all your parking facilities located anywhere in the world and allows you to manage multiple locations simultaneously without a need of handling multiple databases, applications or additional human resources. You can also customize it to selectively monitor the metrics most important for you across your locations and optimize your operations in real-time

Our Solutions


Rid the airport parking chaos with Openspot's variety of parking and drop-off solutions. Allocate staff more efficiently, digitize parking metrics through custom APIs, implement channel or dynamic pricing and get access to real-time and live data and optimize revenues as well as saving labor cost

Cities and Municipalities

We are a trusted partner for many City installations as we help Cities and Municipalities create a smart parking system across the city and leverage our experience and system to maximize revenues and lower management costs, optimize compliance, analyze policy impacts and enforce transparency among stakeholders

Parking Lots

Integrate all of your parking locations in one place through our platform. Monitor key performance indicators like revenue, occupancy, and time across all facilities. Manage online sales channels with "when" and "for how much" of the inventory online. Get daily email digests on key performance indicators right in your inbox coupled with "on demand" alert functionality to monitor your locations.

Our Partners

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